How to Register a New Aadhar Card for Chidlren – Step by Step Process Guide

Aadhar Card is one of the most important documents existing today for Indian citizens, and hence I thought of writing this piece on How to get Aadhar Card for children or Kids. 

The unique thing about Aadhar Cards is that they’re important and applicable both for Adults/Senior Citizens as well as children. 

Normally the other identity verification documents are applicable and used only for adults, but not the Adhar Card, so if its accepted for kids, we need to know how to get Aadhar Card for Children and Kids, right? 

Why to Get Aadhar Card for Children and Kids:- 

If there’s no age-bar for the application of Aadhar Cards, why rush? They can probably get it when they grow up, right? 

Well, nope! If you’re a native Indian, you probably know how the Indian govt. works like. Getting an Aadhar Card for Children today is easy, I’ll explain the steps below, but 5years from now, it might not be so. 

In the near future, the Aadhar card application process might become a lot more complicated and hard, as happens with most of the rules around the world.So you should consider getting an Aadhar for your kid right about now. 

An Overview of the Aadhar Card Application for Children Process:- 

  • If your child is 1+ Years of age, you can get an Aadhar Card for Him/Her. 
  • You do not have to worry about the biometric data about your child if he’s below 5years of age. It won’t be taken or recorded.  
  • Once the child/kid is 5years old, his biometric data (Fingerprint and iris scan) would be taken, the Aadhar Card number won’t change, ever!  
  • The biometric data will once again be recorded once the kid reaches 15years of age. This will be the final biometric data collection, after that the biometric data would be linked to the Aadhar Card.  

Documents Needed to Apply Aadhar Card for Children:- 

There’s this document’s requirement no matter who you’re applying an Aadhar card for, right? So it is with kids too!  

Children Aadhar card

Let me list all the required documents you’ll need to apply Aadhar Card for Children:- 

  • Birth Certificate. 
  • Aadhar Card details of Father/mother of the child . 
  • Identity proof /Address proof of the Parents’ of the child. 

How to Apply Aadhar Card for Children:- 

Once you get the above documents and are ready to apply Aadhar Card for your Children/Kids, here’s how to do it. 

    (Make sure that this number is a permanent one, as it will be used forever to        change every minute details about your Aadhar Card, so the longer you keep the number, the better, although you can also change this number later!) 

  • Once the personal details section has been filled, go forward and fill in the demographic details, the state/UT, Locality etc.  
  • Finally just click on Fix Appointment button! It would fix an appointment at the Aadhar Card Enrollment center you’ve selected. 
  • Once you get an appointment just  head for the office on the date of the appointment. Make sure you take the documents discussed above with you on the date of the appointment. 
  • At the Aadhar Center, the documents will be verified, specially the Aadhar card of the parent. Because they’re the one proposing the Aadhar Card for their children. 
  • Once that’s done, biometric details will be taken in case of 5+years of age of the child, in case the age has not yet been reached, there’s no such procedure.  

The Post-Enrollment Procedure(What happens after the basic Document submission and verification!):- 

Once the enrollment is successful and the documents have been verified, you’re given an Acknowledgement number, this is a temporary record number to help you verify your application. 

Once the verification is complete, you’ll receive a SMS that the process has been successful on the same number you entered during the online appointment process. And once you’ve got this SMS, you will get your Aadhar Card Physically sent to you within 60days of the SMS. 

Final words on Applying Aadhar Card for Children:- 

The basic procedure of applying Aadhar card for Children and adults is basically the same. There’s no difference in it, apart from the documents which you submit and that the parents have to link their aadhar cards to the children. 

Apart from that, nope no difference out there!  

So I hope this piece made it clear for you about how to apply Aadhar card for children, right? It’s pretty easy, but if you still get stuck somewhere or you messed something up, you can leave a comment in the comments section and I’d try my best to help you out. 

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