How to Check your Aadhar Card Status Online – Track Your Aadhaar Status on Website

Check Aadhar Card Status here. That’s what this post is about. I will show you how exactly to Check your Adhar Card Status online. There are various ways to achieve the target, the govt. of India has taken special care to make sure that the Aadhar card statuses can be checked with utmost ease.
There are couple things you’d need before you can check your Aadhar Card Status! 
  • Make sure you’ve your Aadhar Card Enrollment Number.
  • You’d also need to have your Aadhar Card Application Time/Date! (Meaning the exact date when you applied for the Aadhar Card).

Where to Find these Details to Check Aadhar Card Status:-

Check the Slip you were provided during your Aadhar Card enrollment, that’s where the above-required details lie. 

How can I check my aadhar card status:-

You can check your aadhar card status using either:-
  • Internet
  • Toll Free Number
  • SMS

How to Check Aadhar Card Status using Internet:-

You’d need to head over to the official UIDAI website, because that’s the only source that allows you to check aadhar card statuses.
Once you do, you’d be redirected to the official Aadhar Card website, now enter your details in the box. Yeah the enrollment number and date/time of application as we discussed. (This is why I asked you to keep the info ready!) Once you enter the details and you’ve verified them to be correct, enter the captcha being showed. You just have to re-type the exact alphabets and letters which are being shown to you in the captcha box. Once that’s done, the next screen would get you your Aadhar card status! 

How to Check Aadhar Card Status using Toll Free Number:-

Yeah you can also check your Aadhar Card Status using a cell device! All you’ve got to do is, pour is call on 1800-300-1947. That’s a Toll Free number setup by the Govt. of India.
Meaning you won’t be charged a dime to check your Aadhar Card status using that number. Just give them a call, verify the details and you’d be provided with your Aadhar card status.

How to Check Aadhar Card Status using SMS (Track Aadhar Card Status):-

This method can be used by you if the above two methods aren’t working for some reason. It’s not the simplest method of course (the simplest one is the Internet method), but it still is one.
It also comes in handy if your Internet isn’t working and you are unable to make calls, because this method doesn’t need any internet connectivity to take action! 

What you will need for this method:-

This method has certain limitations, if you want to check your Aadhar card status using SMS, then you have to send SMS using only the number which you used to register for Aadhar card.

Check Aadhar Status
Meaning you did enter a cell phone number during Aadhar card registration, right? That number is the number you’ve got to use if you want to get your Aadhar Card status using SMS.
You’d also need the Enrollment Number you have for your application.

How this Method works:-

It’s simple and automated. The Govt. database has your number and the enrollment ID associated with it. So once you send the SMS, they’d know your enrollment number and hence get you your details.
You don’t need to send any  Date/Time etc kind of Details with this method, because those details are already associated with your number and Enrollment Number.

Is this Method Free?

Unlike the Toll-Free number and the internet method to check Aadhar Card status, this method isn’t free! Well it doesn’t cost you a million dollars, but the normal SMS charges still apply. (Which I calculate is less than Rs.1). 
So bottomline:- This method isn’t free. That’s the reason I would suggest you to go with the Internet or the Toll Free No. method before trying this method.

Steps to Check Aadhar Card Status using SMS:-

Just Go to your Create new Message option on the cell phone, and type :- UID STATUS <14-digit Enrollment Number>.
Replace the <14-digit Enrollment Number> text with your Enrollment number before sending. So once you’ve got your enrollment number, just send over the message as shown above to 51969
And because of their automated system, you’d get an automated reply about the status of your enquiry. It will contain if your Aadhar card is Generated, or is in process, or if there’s some problem. 

Final Words on Check Aadhar Card Status:-

So as you’ve seen, it’s pretty easy in reality to check your aadhar card status. The govt. of India has taken serious steps towards making the process easier for you, all you’ve got to do is, either use the Internet, Make a call, or even a SMS would do!
So you don’t even need a smartphone to check the status of your aadhar card! A basic cellphone with calling and SMS feature would do! 

So yeah folks that was all I had on How to check Aadhar Card Status, do leave a comment if you get into some issues or if something isn’t working or if you want us to help you out with your Aadhar card status.

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