How to Register for New e – Aadhar Card – Online And Offline Step By Step Application Process

In order to get enrolled for Aadhar card at the nearest Aadhar card centre, you need to get an online appointment. Kindly help yourself so as to gain knowledge about the related procedures of applying.

Internet and today’s world have a strong connectivity now-a-days, anything you want to do such as shopping, bill payments, availing any service can easily and swiftly be done. Keeping the importance and convenient usage of internet, Unique Identification Authority of India has facilitated the facility of getting enrolled online for Aadhar card registration.

The whole procedure to apply for this card is not completely online as making it completely may put the security t high risks. Moreover, the procedure of applying also includes the accomplishment of few biometrics processes such as Scanning of finger prints and Retina, clicking the photograph at the centre is a must. All these steps are taken up by the volunteers of UID centers.

 Applying online for AADHAAR Card:

Though the citizens of India have been provided with many legal documents like Ration Card, Voter’s ID card, Pan Card etc. But still Aadhar card have been provided because it possess a 12-digit Unique Identification Code which carries your biometrics information. This also prevents any kind of misuse or reuse of your card..

While applying for Aadhar card, you need to carry the following documents:

  1. Proof of identification with photograph:

Photo credit card, Pan Card, Passport etc are considered as photo ID proofs.

  1. Proofs determining your residence:

Passport, Passport, Driver’s License, electricity and water bills of past 3 months etc determines the proof of your residence.

  1. Passport, Pan card, birth certificate etc, proves your age and are considered as age proving documents.

To check out the complete list, click here-

Important steps to be kept in mind while applying for Aadhar card:

  1. Search foran Aadhar Card Centre located near to your house or check the list online at the website of UIA,
  2. Now, your next move will be collecting the Aadhar card form from the nearest Aadhar card centre or you can even download it here,
  3. Upload all the proof of identification and residence etc. After the form is submitted the candidate is given a particular date which can also be booked online,
  4. Since this facility is available only at few centres therefore you are required to visit the centre physically in case you are unable to book online. Moreover, to complete the process of taking the applicants’ biometrics information you need to be present physically at the centre.
  5. At last once all the steps are initiated and completed of applying for Aadhar card, it will be sent to the address given by the applicant and in fact the status for the same can also be checked online at the official website of UIA.

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